How can I hold my employees accountable for sending review requests?

Not only can you track the reviews your customers send, but you can track your employees and their individual data! Sneak a peek at the number of review requests each employee has sent out, how many have turned into responses, and their rating among your customers. You can then use this data to motivate or encourage your employees to leave more reviews, or use the results to see who your strongest (or weakest) employees are and act accordingly.

Here’s how to get there: 


  • Click the “Reviews” tab at the top of the page 


  • That should automatically take you to the “Overview” tab that appears after you click “Reviews”. If not, go ahead and click “Overview” 

  • You’ll see a box titled “Progress Summary” that gives your Reviews stats as a company along with some graphs and charts

  • Scroll down and you’ll come to another section called “Team Stats” 


  • You will see a list of all your registered employees 

  • Each employee has a row including the number of review requests or “Invites” they’ve sent, their “Responses”, “Employee Rating”, and “Employee Complaints” 

  • At the top of the employee list you can view these statistics by month, or even the whole year to analyze progress



  • At the bottom of the employee list is another row called “Overall” which combines all the numbers of your employees for a business-wide look at your Reviews

  • Underneath the employee list are a couple charts to visualize your employee’s data