How do I register a new device to send review requests?

Luckily for you there’s no limit on how many devices you can have registered to send out review requests. That’s because we want to tailor to your individual business needs. Want all of your door-to-door reps to be sending customers review requests? You got it. Here’s how they can register individually: 

  • Take the existing dedicated phone number that FreshLime gave you and save that number as a contact in the new phone you’d like to register (ie - save it as 'FreshLime Reviews' or something similar) 

  • Start a new text message with the contact you just saved 

  • Type: #register [NAME]

  • Replace [NAME] with the actual name of the person registering

  • You’ll receive a text back telling you you’re registered 

The other way to do this is to contact support at 

Or (800) 266-8960