Why is Yelp not recommended?

Here at FreshLime, we believe in protecting the rights that small business owners have to generating reviews through requests to build their reputation. Our Reviews product does exactly that by helping businesses like yours generate more reviews naturally. But Yelp doesn’t always like that. From their perspective, Yelp protects against the solicitation of reviews. They have an algorithm that oftentimes flags reviews from 3rd party systems as non-organic. WE know that requesting reviews is organic and a great strategy for your business, but Yelp can’t always recognize the organic nature of Review requests that are not 100% direct. That’s why we generally recommend that you put your focus on requesting reviews through Google, Facebook, and industry-specific sites.

The nitty gritty on Yelp: FreshLime doesn’t recommend Yelp as a default platform unless the business specifically asks for it. Talk to your Customer Success Manager (800) 266-8960 to learn more about the risks. Unless your business is in the restaurant industry, FreshLime has found that businesses have problems with their Yelp reviews, such as reviews disappearing.


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