What's up with the "Send Feedback" Button?

We promise you’ve seen it (1):

Say your customer would rather just send you some feedback privately, not publicly. Maybe they don’t understand leaving a review on Google or Facebook, and are more comfortable sending one directly through the platform they already see (the FreshLime platform): 

That’s exactly why it’s there. We know you value your customer’s feedback no matter its publicity. Oh, and remember: reviews sent through the “Send Feedback” button will appear on your timeline just like all your other reviews.


What if I don’t want the “Send Feedback” button? Why would I?  

If you really don’t want it, don’t worry, FreshLime can remove it. However, we highly recommend keeping it, and here’s why: 

A little thing called mobile opt-in. In order to send promotional text messages to your customers, legally, you need to have documented permission from them. The beauty of the “Send Feedback” button is that when your customers click on it, they are sent directly to what’s called the Opt-In screen. Here’s an example of what your customers would see: 


  1. Review Request screen: Your customers click the link to leave you a review 

  2. Opt-in screen: Here’s where the customer would give you legal permission to text them

  3. Review Options screen: Now the customer can choose what platform they want to leave a review on. This could be Google, Facebook, Yelp, or the “Send Feedback” button which is a private review you can view from your FreshLime dashboard. 

Once they give permission, you can legally text them - about more than just reviews. This opens the door to you being able to send promotional texts and other business related texts that help drive repeat business, creating loyal customers. Whenever possible, collecting these mobile opt-ins is highly recommended because it’s essentially a direct connection between you and your customers.