Thinking of Selling Door-to-Door?

Drive sales, make great first impressions and develop relationships with the people in your neighborhood.

Door Hangers - Secrets to Successful Door Hanger Marketing

Door hangers are a valuable asset for your local marketing strategy. Use these best practices and tips to get the most out of your grassroots door-to-door efforts, drive sales, make great first impressions, and develop relationships with the people in the neighborhoods you visit that these future customers can’t forget.

Done right, this old-school grassroots approach to attracting new customers can be more effective than more commonly used outlets, like direct mail marketing. Door hangers can make your brand stand out, allow you to target your audience by zip code, neighborhood, and demographic, as well as get your brand directly in front of potential buyers. They are cost-effective while still allowing you to be more creative and versatile with your brand messaging and packaging.

Know the people in your neighborhood. 

Before beginning your door hanger campaign, consider the demographics of your target audience. Who is more likely to want to buy your product or service? 40% of your results are directly related to how well you’ve constructed your call to action, but knowing the people in your neighborhood is what drives the majority of your campaign’s success. Here are some important statistics you should know about the people in your neighborhood:

  1. Income level

  2. Age

  3. Gender

  4. Buying tendencies

  5. Family and marital status

  6. Hobbies.

Research neighborhoods that reflect the characteristics of your campaign target. Response to your door hanger campaign can provide you with valuable data about the locations that will respond best to your marketing efforts.

Insider Tip: For more information about choosing a target audience, check out this guide from HubSpot. To access demographic information for neighborhoods, our favorite sources are,, and the United States Census Bureau.

Practices for Success. 

Once you have a profile of the people in your neighborhood, it’s time to develop a style, design, message, and call-to-action they can’t resist. Here are a few best practices for a successful campaign.

  1. Determine your campaign goal.

    1. Generate more sales

    2. Increase phone calls and email inquiries about your company

    3. Collect contact information

    4. Increase your profit margin by a certain percentage

  2. Customize your message for the neighborhood. 80% of consumers say they’re more likely to purchase when brands offer a personalized experience.

    1. Before and after images

    2. Images of installations or projects in the neighborhood

    3. Include the highest value propositions for your audience in your copy.

  3. Irresistible Call to Action.

    1. Offer great value that will be hard to pass on

    2. Make your value great, but leave room for profit

    3. Limit the time span of your offer so customers will be encouraged to act NOW

    4. Create copy that is interesting and persuasive

    5. Use a bold headline for your CTA that will catch the eye of your potential customers

    6. Make your call to action clear and concise so that customers know exactly how to respond and what they will be getting

    7. Evoke a sense of urgency, and leverage ‘loss aversion’ with your offer or deal.

      1. Don’t delay

      2. Don’t miss out

      3. Offer expires

      4. Ends soon

      5. Hurry

      6. Save today

      7. Buy now

      8. One day only

      9. Last chance

  4. Add your interactive element

    1. SmartConnect Scan2Chat QR-code, or Scan4Quote

    2. SmartConnect custom linked QR-code

      1. Video

      2. Order Page

      3. Location Map

      4. Coupons/Promotions 

  5. Create and print your design

    1. Choose two or three primary colors. Use your brand packaging, logo, or website for inspiration when using colors

    2. Choose graphics and photos that your customers relate to

    3. Keep it simple. Use easy-to-read print that directs the eye to the call to action.

    4. Highlight your coupon or special offer. Again, it’s all about the call to action.

Insider Tip: Most online and brick-and-mortar print shops have door hanger templates or creative services to help you design your door hanger. Some of our favorites are; My Creative Shop,,, and

Make Your Gameplan. Now that you know your audience and have designed the door hanger you’re sure will be a hit, it’s time for a game plan.

  1. Map your distribution locations. Where are the neighborhoods that match your target customer’s characteristics?

  2. Get your team together. Who will distribute your door hangers? Door-to-door sales teams, technicians doing services in the area, yourself or support staff, or volunteers?

  3. Know your numbers, how many door hangers will you need to distribute to reach your goals?

  4. Plan the best days and times for distribution, avoiding dinner times, or times that are too early or late in the day.

  5. Most importantly, get to know and understand local regulations or laws regarding distribution, the differences between solicitation and business advertising, and the times allowed for distribution.

Always be testing. 

Evaluate, adjust, and repeat. 

  1. Test one variable at a time, so that you can isolate change metrics

  2. Test a large sample size significant enough to be statistically significant.

  3. Consider factors that might impact results, like weather or holidays.

It’s worth it. 

Door hangers are a physical reminder to potential customers of your products or services, simple to create, inexpensive to print, and effective for lead generation. As part of your overall strategy for any campaign door hangers are within reach of most small businesses.

FreshLime's SmartConnect for Message Center with assistive experience technology turn your door hanger into a digital communication channel that helps the people in your neighborhood connect with the people in your business, helps them get to know you, your products, and services, and makes transactions easier.