FreshLime DocumentationReleases v21.38-v21.39 (16 Dec. 2021)

Releases v21.38-v21.39 (16 Dec. 2021)

Thanks for using FreshLime! We regularly update our app to fix bugs, improve performance add new features to help you interact with your customers and grow your business. We’ve made a few updates to the following:

  • Login page

  • Message Center

  • User Settings

  • Integration Settings

  • Briostack Contact Sync

  • PestRoutes Integration

  • Business Messaging from the FreshLime Business Number

Mobile v2.2

This release also featured several things to help us get closer to a release of the latest FreshLime mobile app version – Mobile v2.2 is coming soon!


New ways to interact with customers:

  • Send text messages to contacts from previous conversations in Message Center, from your phone, or by adding their contact information, and see your new contact in Contact Center after the message is sent.

  • See clickable links and shared image links as a hyperlink or preview from messages, including customer-sent images on Google’s Business Messages.


Updated Contact Matching Logic:

  • Customer information is matched on a three-step process to determine if a new contact needs to be created.

  • Contacts are added to Contacts Center even without setting a hand raise.


Additional Updates:

  • Google review responses now have a 4,000-character limit.

  • Other minor UX tweaks and fixes.