FreshLime DocumentationReleases v21.32-v21.33 (28 Oct 2021)

Releases v21.32-v21.33 (28 Oct 2021)

Full-screen Message Center

A feature that entered beta in release 21.31 is a messaging experience to match the desktop. On our web app, you'll see a full-screen version of Message Center which allows you to keep the conversation front and center while still viewing the other customers trying to message you and any contact information of the person you are chatting with. Perfect for all power users!


Contact Sync to Endpoint

Coming soon to beta is the ability for you to specify an external endpoint where we will send contact information we collect from conversations in Message Center. This is one of two upcoming features where we are starting to push information to an integration in addition to pulling data into our system. In addition to responding to the customer through message center, Briostack customers (for example) could utilize this feature to send the lead back to Briostack to track communications with that lead as well as status and other details.  They could also convert that lead to a customer and then add services to it. 



Voice For Pest Bot Integration

Another feature that is coming soon to beta is our Voice For Pest bot integration. This integration is the second of two features that pushes data to an integration as it enables Voice For Pest (VFP) customers to connect their call queue to FreshLime’s WebChat. When a customer clicks “call me” as their contact preference when chatting in for a pest control quote, their lead information will be sent to the VFP queue allowing agents to call the potential customer.