What is the Customers tab?

So here’s the deal. There’s a lot more to this tab than meets the eye at first so we’re going to break it down for you. The Customers tab has the purpose of housing your customer data. It’s a big list of all your customers and their information--just to help you keep track. 

You have this tab if your business and FreshLime are CRM integrated. Those are fancy words for “you’ve given FreshLime permission to have your CRM data.” For example, this connection is what allows your review requests to send automatically when you add a new contact. 

The first section of the Customers tab, called “List,” is a list of all your customer contacts and information. The title is very appropriate, we know: 


The section called “Invoices” is where the action happens. FreshLime can segment the invoice data to better connect with and target your customers. For example, maybe you find that a third of your invoices are repeat customers, so FreshLime can then make sure to send that segment of customers an engaging email in hopes of them coming back more frequently:


To learn more contact your Customer Success Manager at (800) 266-8960