Where are Local Listings actually listed?

The web is a BIG place. You want to know where your information actually goes when we say “across 70 search networks.” We get it. Basically, when a potential customer does a search for your business on a site like Google, the information that we keep updated, accurate, and locked, will appear looking something like this:


You’ve seen it before, you just probably didn’t realize that keeping this information up to date had a specific impact on your business.

Keep in mind that there are a lot more search platforms that even Google pulls from like Yelp, Amazon Alexa, Apple, Facebook, Uber, and Yahoo. Or even industry-specific sites like when a customer might search for something like “banks” or “plumber.” That’s why we cover them all and connect your business with the ones that pertain to your business. Local Listings will look different for every business because FreshLime will customize to you individually.

It’s important to remember: while you may not think customers look for you on all those listings sites, having your information updated and accurate across dozens of relevant online listings will improve your local searchability!

Want to know exactly how we partner Local Listings with 70 search network platforms? Check it out here.