What is Local Listings?

Local Listings

Every local business owner wants to be discovered by new and returning customers. To get discovered, local businesses must be relevant online. Relevance is accomplished through offering accurate and credible information about your business across the most critical online business listing sites. We call this ‘Local Listings’—and we help customers find you again and again as they search online.

So how does it work? To begin, Local Listings syncs accurate and positive information about your business with up to 70 industry-specific search networks such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Then, it locks up all that good information to protect it from decay and unauthorized editing. The result? Search engines (like Google) see consistent, healthy information regarding your business. And they give search preference to your business because of it. This helps your business stay relevant and get discovered by new customers in an ever-changing internet age.

The best part is that you have tools at your fingertips to track in real-time how your customers find your business. This saves valuable time and money, allowing you to focus on taking care of your customers instead of worrying about how they’ll find you again.

Local Listings PRO

But of course, there’s more! In addition to everything above, Local Listings PRO offers advanced, industry-specific optimizations that sync to the above-mentioned search networks. What does this mean? FreshLime becomes your Local Listings manager, making relevant updates to your listings on a regular basis. Instead of your business juggling suggested edits and trying to update your information, we’ll keep your business fresh every month so you stay credible and relevant.