How do I update my Notification Preferences for Messenger?

Step 1: Login to your FreshLime account. 

Navigate to, enter your login information, and click Login.

Step 2: Access the Messenger Settings page.

Find the user profile icon in the top right corner, and click on the down arrow. This will expand your account settings menu. Click on Messenger Settings.


Step 3: Find the Notifications Settings section.

When a webchat session ends, FreshLime will alert you in real-time so you can see the details and follow up immediately. The full conversation transcript is sent via email, and the SMS alert is just a notification letting you know that a conversation has ended and the transcript has been emailed to you.

Under Notifications, you can adjust who receives these notifications from Messenger. Simply add or remove email addresses or phone numbers from the lists (as seen below).


That's it! From that point on, every email address and phone number will get notifications when leads interact with Messenger on your site.