How does FreshLime attribute revenue?

Think of it like the TV series you’d watch on Animal Planet--the one where they tracked your favorite dolphin as it migrated all over the world. That dolphin’s tag is a lot like what FreshLime does. In fact, we give each engagement email sent out to your customers its own tag. This tag allows FreshLime to monitor the connection between an invoice (a sale) and the email. Bottom line: we can track if you received a sale because of the email our Engage platform sent out. That’s how we can attribute revenue. 

We also have an internal system here at FreshLime that keeps track of every customer you have, on an individual basis. This means we can tell you every engagement FreshLime has had with a customer. Let’s say one of them is Sally. Sally’s profile on our internal system shows a timeline of every blast email, her responses, and reviews. That tells us how many times she has come back to your business, and when exactly. It also gives us the amount of time between an engagement with Sally and when she purchases--which tracks back to the specific email campaign through the tag we talked about. 

The beauty of Engage is that we can track an actual dollar amount to each engagement with a customer vs just impressions, views, or traffic. This allows you to pinpoint exactly what is working and what isn’t so you can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.