What does lifecycle automation look like? How is it triggered? How frequently?

You’ve got to start somewhere, right? The engagement email lifecycle is triggered when a new contact is added to your contact list; and then the cycle begins. Engage sends a whole flow of targeted messages to drive repeat business. Each message will be branded to your business, but this is the general outline of the message flow: 

  • The first message is a thank you or welcome message

  • About a week later, another message with important information on your service is sent

  • A couple weeks after that is another message on an additional service or feature

  • Now there’s a split: 

    • The next message is triggered off of the last invoice date, or last time the customer purchased. 

    • If they never did purchase, an email will be sent after a few months that reminds them why they need your service

    • No invoice for a year or more? A “win back” email is sent with an incentive 

    • Another one with an even bigger incentive 

    • Last one is a re-engagement email asking if they still want to receive messages