How do I improve engagement email deliverability?

To answer this question, you need to understand the difference between Engage and Engage PRO in how your customer list is sent to FreshLime: 

  • Engage PRO: When you are connected to FreshLime via a CRM, we will pull directly from it. That means that whatever data you have in your CRM will be what we use to send engagements. If you have a bunch of unverified emails in there, deliverability may suffer so it is key that you have a way to verify your data.

  • Engage: The deliverability rate will only be as good as the list you provide. When is the last time you updated your list? Are you sending an updated list to FreshLime each month? Have you verified that the emails you were given are legitimate emails of your customers? 

Here are a couple things you can do to improve your database: 

  • Have an Opt-in list. Opt-ins are all those who have given your business legal permission to email and/or text them. The customers who have given you this permission are important because by agreeing to the opt-in, they have actively indicated that they are interested in hearing from your business. If you want to know more about the Opt-in process check out this help article.

  • Send a re-engagement email. It’s like doing a double check. Or even cleaning out your closet. Maybe you have a pretty extensive Opt-in list, but are noticing some inactivity. That could be a good time to get in touch with your Customer Success Manager and request a re-engagement email that double checks your customer list opt-ins. This ensures that the people on the list are active and want emails from your business.