How to Set Up Google's Business Messages

We are pleased to provide our customers with access to Google’s Business Messages. Now, the message center inbox has another channel for customer interaction. Customers no longer need to make it all the way to your website before they can message you–your listing on Google Maps and Google Search offers an entry point to customer interaction. Let the bot respond to questions even after hours and jump in to conversations when you need. Set up is quick and easy. Here’s how to get started.

Log in to FreshLime Web App

On a computer, navigate to and login using your credentials.

With the new left nav, you’ll see a chat icon on the left for webchat. Click on that icon and then click on the settings subtab.

Find the Business Messages Section and Click to Get Started

Scroll to the bottom of the webchat settings page to see the section for business messages. We need you to sign in to the Google account to start the process of setting this up for your Google My Business location. Clicking “Get Started” will launch you into the auth flow.

Sign in to Your Google Account And Allow Access to FreshLime

After clicking “get started,” you’ll be prompted to log into your Google account if you have not already linked your Google account. If you already have linked it for reviews, you’ll automatically be brought to the next screen. If you haven’t, select the account that has access to the Google My Business location you would like to connect. Then, allow FreshLime access to your account.


Select and Confirm the Google My Business Location

Next, you’ll see a list of locations that you have access to under the account you selected. Click on the location you’d like to continue with and confirm that selection. You can click the arrow to select a different location if necessary.

You are currently only able to connect to one GMB location per account.

Verify it’s Connected and Let the Entry Points Populate

After you’ve confirmed the location, you’ll be brought back to the settings screen in the app. Here, you can see if you’ve received a “connected” status. If this is the message you receive, please allow a few hours for the entry points to populate. If you do not see this message or still don’t see the chat icon on your Google My Business listing on Google search and maps after 24 hours, please reach out.

It can take a few hours for the chat icon to appear on your Google My Business listing on Google Search and Google Maps.