Release v21.01-v21.19 (22 Jul 2021)

We are pleased to announce that FreshLime has recently released the following features.

Mobile App

The FreshLime mobile app allows business owners and their employees to run their business from anywhere. The app is available for download on Android and iOS.

What I can use on the Mobile App

To start, customers that download our mobile app can review their business profile information. Customers can use it to chat with customers via webchat and text messaging. Additionally, customers are able to both request reviews from their customers right from the app and reply to those reviews.




Customers using our engage feature can now see reporting on automations as well as updated vertical content.

Engage Reporting

We have added reporting on automations and the respective email interactions. Customers with this feature can select time ranges and then drill down into details like opens, clicks, interactions, and recipients.



Message Center

We’ve recently made changes and fixes to notifications and the look of the Message Center.

Hand Raise Notifications

We fixed an issue where hand raises on Message Center conversations were still active even after the conversation had been resolved.

We also made a fix that caused ‘hand raise’ notification deeplinks to reopen multiple times.

Message Center Look

In conjunction with and in preparation for upcoming features, we made a few changes to how Message Center looks on the web app. Now, you can view all open conversations chronologically, filter by channel, and see who the last response was from in the conversation card.


Use our integration to automate email campaigns and customer feedback. We’ve recently added a new integration.


WashCard enables car wash owners to easily handle payments and customer information. The FreshLime WashCard integration will help you turn that customer information into automated reviews, customer interactions, and win-backs. Get more customers, and more loyal customers by automating your business with FreshLime.

What’s coming soon?

We’re glad you asked! We have several new features that we’re working to release soon. Join our beta program to get early access to these and other features as they become available.

Left Navigation & Contacts

Try our new web app UI with the navigation now on the left. Additionally, check out the newly redesigned contacts page. Search and sort by name, email, and phone number. Even select contacts and download your own file.



Google’s Business Messages & Live Chat

Start using Message Center’s newest channel. We can connect with your Google My Business listing and allow customers to enter into a chat from either Google search or maps without them having to go all the way to your website. Let our automated virtual assistant (AVA) respond even after hours and jump in when you need to.

Additionally, we are pleased to add live chat capabilities to Message Center. Now, with webchat and business messages conversations, you can take over the chat and message the customer directly.






Conditional Rules

FreshLime makes automating your review requests simple and easy, however, sometimes business owners want to send out requests only under specific conditions. That’s where the new conditional rules feature comes in.

For example, sometimes the business owner may not want to send review requests to certain customer types or for certain invoiced services. Conditional rules make it easy to “conditionally” restrict sending of automated reviews based on fields imported from your customer management software. A business owner might indicate that if a review contains the “tag” no-review, then the automated review request won’t send.

Conditional rules are flexible in using almost any field or data point from integrations to conditionally limit the sending of automated reviews, providing even more flexibility to how you run your business.


FreshLime integrations allow customers to sync with their CMS, invoicing, and other important business software to automate customer interactions. By connecting customer data FreshLime is able to automate review requests, email campaigns, and customer feedback. The following integrations are available to FreshLime beta customers and are coming soon.

Sikka Dental and Veterinary

FreshLime is proud to partner with Sikka Software to integrate with dental and veterinary offices around the country. Offices interested in FreshLime automation can sign up for Sikka free through FreshLime, or connect with their existing Sikka account.

Voice For Pest Webchat Integration

Voice for Pest (VFP) makes it easy to manage customer call queues. Now with the FreshLime VFP webchat integration, customers who chat on your website can now be automatically added to your Voice for Pest queues.

Customers who chat with the FreshLime automated virtual assistant (AVA) and request to speak with a human (support, sales, or other) by clicking “call me” will now have their information collected and sent straight to your Voice for Pest queue. Just indicate your Customer ID and Form Number and you’re good to go!