[COMING SOON] FreshLime Voice for Pest Integration

The FreshLime Voice for Pest integration allows Voice for Pest (VFP) customers to connect their call queue to FreshLime’s chat widget. When a customer clicks the “call me” button, their lead information will be sent to the VFP queue allowing agents to call the potential customer.

Setting up the VFP bot integration

To set up the integration the customer should:

  1. Login to the FreshLime web application via https://app.freshlime.com/user/login/.

  2. Navigate to the account settings page by clicking the profile icon in the top right, then “Account” (see screenshot).

  3. Open the “Voice For Pest Bot Integration” section by clicking on the section.

  4. Fill out the fields “Form ID”, “Customer ID”. Then select the checkbox for “Activate this integration” and click save


Congratulations! Your integration should now be active. To test the integration follow the steps below.

Testing the VFP bot integration

To test the VFP bot integration the customer should:

  1. Navigate to the Webchat page by clicking “Webchat” in the navigation

  2. Navigate to the Settings sub page by clicking the “Settings” link within the Webchat page.


  3. Open the chat bot “live preview” in the lower right hand corner of the page (see screenshot)

  4. Start a new conversation. Then begin the lead collection process the customer should:

    1. Click through the bot options until you can select “connect to support” and “connect a human”

    2. Type “connect a human”

  5. Fill out the requested information until you are given the option to select “the best way to connect”

  6. Selecting the “Call Me” button will send the collected lead information to the VFP queue you chose when filling out the bot integration settings.

    Congratulations! Your Voice for Pest queue will now receive leads directly from your FreshLime chat widget and bot flow.