Wix (Paid) – How to Install Webchat

In this post, we will show you step by step guide to integrate FreshLime Messenger on a website that's on a PAID Wix plan.

To setup FreshLime Messenger on a website that's on a FREE Wix plan, go here.

Note: With a Wix paid plan, you can adjust chat widget size for both mobile and desktop devices.

Step 1: Go to Your Account’s Settings Page to Add Custom Code

Click on this link to go to the Settings page for your site. Then, click Custom Code under Advanced Settings.

An alternative method is to log in and search for “custom code.”

Step 2: Grab your account's script for Messenger

In another tab, login to your FreshLime dashboard, and click on Messenger in the main navigation. Once there, you will see a secondary menu under the main navigation. Click on Settings.

Once there, find the Chat Settings & Branding section. This is where you will adjust chat features such as name, colors, and icon used with your chat bot.

At the bottom of the page, you will find a section called Install Webchat on Your Website. Click on Copy Webchat Code. Once you do so, the installation code has been copied to your clipboard.

Step 3: Paste Your Account's Script for Messenger into the Custom Code Section

Back in Wix, click + Add Custom Code at the top right. Then, paste the code you copied from the FreshLime app.


Step 4: Finish the Settings and Apply the Changes

Enter a name for your custom code in the name field. Choose All pages then Load code once and select Body – end as the position for your FreshLime Messenger Widget. Click Apply. Refresh your live website to view the widget.