We’re pleased to announce that our user account settings update will be generally available on Tuesday, October 12.

User Account Settings.mp4

The new user account settings web app sidebar is a first step in releasing later upgrades like user roles and permissions as well as being able to specify that an indivdual user has taken over/jumped into a conversation in message center. In this release, users can click on their name in the upper right and now have the ability to add a profile image, change their name and add a display name, add a mobile number, password reset, and control message center notifications.

Profile Image

Instead of using a default image, add your likeness to the app! Select any .bmp, .gif, .icon, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .svg, .webp file from your computer and then select a crop area for your profile photo. You can reposition the crop within the image by clicking and dragging from inside of the highlighted area or resize the crop by click and dragging outside of the highlighted area. We recommend using a clear image of your face as your profile picture.

Name and Display Name

Edit your name at any time or choose to use a display name. Users can edit their first and last name (up to 30 characters) from the sidebar or they can decide to use a display name (up to 32 characters). Adding a display name is optional as your first and last name will be used unless a display name is set. You’ll see the name on the profile sidebar as well as in the upper right of the app, and down the road, you’ll see your name (instead of a the business) taking over a conversation in message center.

Email & Mobile Number

View the email address you use to login to the FreshLime app and to receive email notifications about message center. You also have the option to add a mobile number that can be used to receive text message notifications about message center. The mobile number needs to be 10 digits, and if you haven’t entered one yet, we’ll prompt you on the sidebar to add a number. If any changes need to be made to your email, please reach out to support.


Control user-specific message center notifications with the “notifications” section at the bottom of the profile sidebar. Toggling on or off the text message and email notifications will either add or remove your number/email from getting notifications. Push notifications are unaffected by these changes.

Password Reset

Users can change their password right from the sidebar. To reset your password, click on the edit icon and then click the “reset password” button. If you know your current password, you can enter it in addition to your new password and save the changes. If you are not sure what your current password is, you can click “forgot password” and have an email sent to you that will provide you a link to change your password without needing to know your current password.


When you’re ready to logout, click the “logout” button on the user profile sidebar.

Integrations settings

This will take you to the page where users are able to connect some integrations. Other integrations are also available. If you have any questions, please reach out to FreshLime support for direction.